Monday, January 12, 2009

Our First Blog

Hello Everyone..
We'll we've finally made it into the new technology world. This is our first post on our new blog.
Please be patient with us as this is going to take us time to get into.. Please post your comments, view our website and let us know what your doing


  1. Congratulations!!!!! For any one who has not been into the store or joined in on a class....YOU MUST GO!!!! I have been scrapbooking for 10 plus years and this is the best store I have been in. Not only is there selection great but they are very warm and welcoming to one and all who come into the store or to a class. If there is a product you need and they don't have it, they will do there best to get it. They will teach you anything you want to know about the equipment or a special project you want to work on. Ok I have told you enough about Skribbles and Scraps now you have to get there and check it out for yourself. I go every week and look forward to the friendly staff and other scrapbookers that are there.

    Happy Scrapbooking
    The Kindergarten Scrapper

  2. Hey Jennie, & Rox! Welcome to the "techy" world! hahaha! Hopefully I can come to crop on willing haha

  3. Congratulations on your new blog!

    I am new to all this card making fun. Bob is so great and helpful to a newbie. I am looking forward to taking my first class in February.

    Looking forward to meeting new friends!