Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter 2011 (distress ink) has arrived!

I am soooooo excited!

I spoke with Jennie last night - she just got in the latest Tim Holtz product - his seasonal distress inks!

If you are not up on your Tim Holtz buzz - he has been developing some seasonal distress inks - starting with a fall series. There will not be any re-inkers for any of these series - and once they're gone, they're gone!

These new ones are the second in the series. They're a limited edition, set of 3 inks - made just for the season. Yes - the Winter 2011 Seasonal Distress Inks have just been released - the colours are fabulous and Skribbles and Scraps have them!

Evergreen bough, festive berries, and iced spruce will quickly become favourites - and I can see them being used way beyond the Christmas/winter season. 

I hate winter - but I love these new winter distress inks! Hurry into the store - quantities are limited. You can pick up a set for $15 - then spend some quality time in your craft room with a warm beverage and a little Tim.....makes the winter seem a little cozier!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There ought'a be a card for this......

The other day, I decided I could use a new pair of underwear.  ( I'm not really sure why they are referred to as a "pair" when clearly there is only one….unless it implies that my butt is so big that it really needs "a pair" to cover it....... but I digress) 

Now I have to tell you, I HATE shopping - unless it's for craft supplies, so for me, it was already bordering on a less than fun experience.  Really, is there anything worse than trying to imagine if all of you will fit into what little there is of that?

So - after agonizing over which one of the two pair I had picked out to buy, I decided to get both of them and get out of the store as soon as I could. I had already spent 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back! I quickly headed to the check-outs.

I hate it when the check-out girls hold them up before they fold them to put them in the bag, as if to wonder "Who is she kidding - she will never fit into these!" 

Grateful this experience was over, my underwear tucked securely  and discretely in my plastic store bag, I hurried out of the store....but not before I set the alarms off……you know the ones I mean - the ones that seem to scream "Stop Thief!" and everyone turns to see who tried to steal what.....

As if the whole experience had not dragged on long enough already, the male security at the door pulled my underwear out of the bag and began examining them, while the "Stop Thief!" alarm continued to sound. 

After what seemed like forever, the alarm stopped, only to have him wave the underwear at the alarm and set it off again!  This required further exam, because something about these underwear must be making the "Stop Thief!" alarm go off.  

I was mortified…..turning several shades of red…thinking - all I wanted was a pair of underwear……..plain, cotton, nothing "Hot" enough to set off any alarms! Will this ever end?

Finally security decided he was not going to figure out why my underwear set off the alarm, and he stuffed them back in the bag, let me pass through the barrier, alarms still sounding…

All I could think about as I left the store and laughed - "there ought'a be a card for this….."

Monday, November 7, 2011

Putting on the (Glitter) Ritz!

On Friday Nov 11 - Skribbles and Scraps is demoing -"Everything you always wanted to know about Glitter Ritz - but were afraid to ask!"

Glitter Ritz is not your ordinary glitter - it is a micro fine glitter that can be used in a number of very cool ways. Skribbles and Scraps has been carrying this for over a year now - and Jennie is still coming up with fresh new ways to use this fun product.

It comes in oodles of colours - 60 in all - (you will want to collect them all!) and makes your cards or scrapbook pages look very elegant.

It is so much fun to use with sookwang tape using both negative or positive images, or copics, or peel and sticks or.....well - why don't you drop into the store on Friday Nov 11 anytime between 11:00 to 2:00 and Jennie will show you just how versatile this stuff is.

Addiction warning! - once you try it - you will be looking for opportunites to use this on everything! So drop in on Friday - it's not too late to add some "Ritz" to your Christmas cards!

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's worth the drive......

I was talking to Jennie last night - she and Cathy and Sherry were in Chatham last Saturday at the annual Zonta Cardmaking Event. 

It was a sold out crowd, and the Skribbles and Scraps gang were there doing a cute little Christmas make 'n take. 72 happy card makers sat around their table and had a chance to shop at the Skribbles and Scraps booth. 

Is this not the cutest little basket? It's a Heartfelt die - made exclusively for Heartfelt by Spellbinders. It has sooooo many possibilities - Christmas, Easter, baby and bridal showers, little thank you treats for teachers, co-workers,  tags for gifts.....

Jennie said it was great to connect again with crafters they met last year - and lots of new faces - many who came from all over southwestern Ontario. 

So - for those who may be thinking - I love the little bit that I saw in the booth - but Skribbles and Scraps is way up in Sarnia - trust me - it's worth the drive to Sarnia!

Skribbles and Scraps or BUST!

So - plan a road trip - load up the car with your most fun girlfriends and head on up the road - life's too short not to make every day an adventure! You won't be disappointed!  

Check out the website for store hours - hope to see you soon!