Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We'll be blogging about this.......

Apparently that's what the Skribbles and Scraps gang said to the Knight in shining armour that freed them from captivity when they were in Kitchener for Scrapfest a couple of weeks ago!

So here's what happened.....

On Saturday morning, they left the hotel early in the morning to go back to Scrapfest to prepare for the crowds of the day. They already had a strategy for rearranging the booth to fill the holes from all the product that sold on Friday night. They had their work cut out for them because they had to get it done before the doors opened that morning. 

So - with no breakfast, and on a mission, they got into the elevator in the parking garage.

I guess the first clue something was not right was when the elevator did not stop level with the floor......but clearly, they had had no breakfast and were on a mission!  Opps! Missed that clue....

Immediately upon pushing the button to move up the one floor (one floor????? - seriously guys! one floor????)  they knew they were in trouble! Bet you're regretting not walking up the stairs!

What floor is this suppose to be?

Nothing moved! Despite hitting it a couple of times more (oh like that was going to fix it!) they realized they were trapped! No problem, they just hit the button to call for help. 

They don't tell you about the buzzer!

Apparently.....when you press the button....not only do you get a voice that comes on to help you....but a buzzer that rings incessantly and very loudly! 

Bob tried his best to muffle the sound - but to no avail! They said if they weren't awake before they got in the elevator - they certainly were then! They figured the buzzer was meant to drive you insane, so no matter how long it took to be freed, you would be so grateful you wouldn't complain about being trapped!

Here are a couple of things you don't want to hear when you are trapped in an elevator:

1. The voice on the phone saying they would send someone as soon as they could. But they weren't really sure how long that would be.....

2. The buzzer

3. The security man who arrived on the other side of the elevator say - "Oh no......"

4. The buzzer

5. The security man on the other side of the elevator talking to the elevator company service person "You're across town on another call?"

6. The buzzer

7. The confession that they were really not sure how long before the repair man would be there.....

8. The buzzer

9. "Sorry, no I can't turn off the buzzer......"

Things you would have heard coming out of the elevator:

1. Laughter!

2. The buzzer

3. "We have to be at a show!" (Like they cared!)

4. The buzzer

5. "When are you getting us out of here?"

6. The buzzer

7. "Who can I sue????? I want names!"

8. Laughter!

9. A few choice words that are not repeatable on the blog......

10. That damn buzzer!

11. "I'm glad I peed before I left the hotel...."

Then of course there was that horrible moment when the truth finally hit them.....they were trapped in an elevator with a man who, like any other man on the planet - could at any moment - pass gas! Here's a picture of that moment of terror!

Three faces of terror!

So - living with that fear for about 30 minutes.....their  Knight in shining armour finally arrived! Boy were they glad to see him! 

The Shining Armour the Knight came in!

Yup - things are never dull for the Skribbles and Scraps gang! Who knows what adventure they will encounter next! 

Another good reason to subscribe to the blog....'cause hey - you never know!

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