Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Confession time girls!

All those who have purchased something for crafting that later made you ask "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" please raise your hands......

I thought so!  Thanks for being honest - you can put your hands down now. I'll have to put mine down too to continue typing...LOL!

I am relatively new to card making and when I started I was clueless as to what I needed and what to buy. So, I took a lot of advice (much of it not so good), bought a lot of poor quality paper, weird stamps and even weirder tools. I bought "what was I thinking?" punches and really bad inks and products that to this day I have never used.  Then one day I wandered into Skribbles and Scraps and I have to say, I am quite a bit wiser now for having done so. 

When I look back at some of my first cards, I see how far I have come from those first attempts. I realize what a difference quality paper, proper tools, the right inks and  products make. I will always be grateful for Bob's guidance in the store and Jennie's patience in her classes.  

So, being a more mature card maker now, I make wise choices about my stamps, punches, products and tools etc........ 

Oh my, how I wish that were true! 

While my purchases are quality ones now, I have those cute little stamps that I still haven't used after 2 years  - or all the die cuts I thought I couldn't live without, the embossing folder I was sure would be used on any number of cards and hasn't been used at all.......well, you know where this is going..... 

Sometimes, I am ashamed to say, I buy something only to find a couple of months later when I decide to get organized, that I already had it - so now I have two of the same thing!

So, where is all this leading you ask? Well, it's time to get rid of all those "What was a thinking?" (WWIT?) items.

Skribbles and Scraps is having an Anniversary Sale on August 27. They are also hosting a Garage Sale that day as well.  Here's how it works:

1. Gather up all those WWIT? items. Be ruthless girls -  if you haven't used them by now, you probably won't!

2. Call the store and tell them that you want to sell your stuff at the Garage sale. You can sell as much as you can fit in a computer paper box (store will supply).

3. They will give you a code for the sale.

4. Label your items with your code and price them to sell (It is helpful to make a list of what you are selling).

5. Drop them off at the store - staff will take care of your items the day of the sale.

6. At the end of the day, any sales you have will be paid to you in the form of gift certificates redeemable at Skribbles and Scraps. 

So - this is your chance to get rid of the evidence of those WWIT? purchases and maybe even get a great deal on someone else's craft room treasures! You can use your gift certificates to buy new items for your fall paper crafting. It's a win - win situation!

Stay tuned to the blog for more details of the Anniversary sale and start cleaning out that craft room!

Have an amazing day!


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