Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CHA Swag!

Hi friends!

I returned home last night from visiting family this long weekend, and while I loved doing that I find myself exhausted on this first work day. So - I am already looking forward to the weekend. How sad is that!

I hope the rest of you had fun whatever you were doing, and for those of you who were not on the roads with all the crazy traffic and were home relaxing, maybe doing some scrapbooking or making a card or two - I am drooling with envy!

I find that there are a lot of things in summer that distract from my playing with paper. While it is nice to be spontaneous and take off on a whim or just sit outside and enjoy the sun and flowers in my garden, I do miss being surrounded by paper, inks, bling, yards of ribbon and other fun things! It is that part of me that yearns for fall, and cooler days, and new Christmas paper! LOL!

OK, down to what I really want to talk about today: CHA SWAG!

Jennie and Bob went to Chicago and took Cathy and Sherry with them for the ride. They brought back all kinds of goodies, and they want to share them with you. They had so much swag, that Jennie has put together a number of yummy bags of treats that you could win!  The opportunity to win two of those bags starts today. Here's how.......

From now until Aug 27th, for every $10 you spend in the store, you receive a ballot for the draw for the first two Skribbles and Scraps Swag Bags.  

Up for grabs is a 3M Laminator, (very cool - and highly rated by those who own it) and my personal fave - a bag of stuff  that includes a signed Tim Holtz apron! I have no doubt that wearing the apron will inspire you to great creativity! (not to mention you will be the envy of your friends - so keep a close eye on it if you win!) Check out his cool shoes below! 

I heard from Cathy that if she was looking for Sherry at CHA, all she had to do was head to the Ranger booth, and Sherry would be parked in front of Tim, soaking it all in like a sponge! 

I don't blame her though, I was probably right beside her!   He is one talented guy, so nice and down to earth, and so talented (oops - already said that!)  - but he really is!!!!  

So, head on into the store and get a head start on collecting those ballots - don't wait until the day of the Anniversary Sale. And remember, the more ballots, the more chance you have of winning. 

Now that I think about it, I am not sure which one I want to win - hmmm, maybe both? I think I will just head over to the store this week and see how many ballots I can earn!

Talk soon!

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  1. I know you all had a a great experience going to CHA I have heard it is an experience of a life time. Also have heard there are a lot of very rude and ignorant people who are looking for nothing but all the free stuff they can obtain.