Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anniversary Sale news

Just a short post to let you know some of other items that will be on sale this Saturday Aug 27.

50% off  selected Spellbinders  - WOW! - you know these won't last long...

Ribbon $0.25 per yard. I know some of you have a slight addiction to ribbon...but I'll never tell....

20% off of the whole store on sale day!

20% off!!!  OK crafters - another reason to check your craft stash to see what you need (or want), gather up everything that is a WWIT (what was I thinking) item for the garage sale, and turn your WWIT into new treasures!

That said - I learned a good lesson one day. If I really really really wanted something that I knew was going to be on sale in a couple of days - I just bought it rather than waiting.

I have lost out on too many things that I really wanted by waiting. So crafters, if there is something that you can't live without, you will have to decide if it is worth the gamble to wait. Don't forget that you will still earn chances for the CHA Swag draw with every $10 worth of product you buy.

I figure, a stamp in the hand, is worth more than 20% of nothing! LOL!

If any of you have ever missed out on something you really wanted by waiting - and kicked yourself afterwards....let us know! I know you are out there!

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