Monday, August 8, 2011

A Little Love Note

Card makers often joke around and say that the person they give the card to better not throw it away and better keep it forever! 

Well - maybe we only half joke around. Sometimes we are dead serious.......

I have to admit, I've sometimes felt that way when I have tucked that card into the envelope and sealed the back. 

I've  wondered  if they will realize the time it took to make this card from scratch, or that I could have just gone out and bought one. 

I wonder if they will look at every detail, or whether they will just read the inside and stick it back in the envelope. Will it go on display for for a period of time?  Or....NO! please NO!....will I see it tossed in the trash basket the next day?

Fortunately, I have gotten over that. I've matured....

When you think about it, my attitude was pretty self centred. 

After all, there was much joy in creating that card  - this gift made from my hands...given to someone I wanted to bless because hey, they were worth every minute or hour it took me to design, ink, stamp, cut and embellish each detail. 

It is the thought, the spirit of giving that counts here. It's not about me! Card making and giving is "other centred" not self centred.

You see, it is a little act of love when I give a card.  Whether it is to say how sorry I am that they lost someone they love, or to wish them a great birthday or to say thanks, or to give a word of encouragement and hope. Each card from me is a little love note.

I have learned that in life, giving love and accepting love is a choice. 

If I have given someone a card, a little love note, they have two choices. The first, is to accept it as it was intended, to communicate love and how much I value them. They will feel special, invested in, worth the time, thought and effort in the creating.  Then my mission in the creating and giving the card will have been accomplished. 

The second, is to choose not to recognize that there is so much more than just a card in that envelope.....and that it communicates that I thought they were worth it, that they were special and loved. They can choose to not recognize or disregard the real message of that card - the gift of love.

Regardless, the card remains a little gift of love. Failing to accept the gift from the giver does not negate it - it is still a gift of love. 

When you realize this, it makes it a lot easier to walk by that trash basket the next day.........

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  1. I wonder that same thought with each and every 200 plus cards I make and send at Christmas!!!