Monday, August 15, 2011

La Blanche Stamps

Some of the great stuff that Jennie and Bob saw at CHA Chicago is starting to come into the store. One of the new stamp lines they will be carrying is La Blanche. They're from Germany and are, in a word - gorgeous! 

Let me tell you a little about this product line. The stamps are actually very different - they are silicone, not rubber or acrylic. They're also mounted on foam blocks, so they are light as a feather. 

For best results, you use La Blanche Specialty Stamping Paper, which is an non-coated paper. It feels wonderful to the touch, very smooth and picks up the incredible detail on these stamps beautifully and effortlessly. can try other papers - but trust me, the paper is incredible and really brings out the detail. Bob has it in the store - so don't leave without picking up La Blanche Specialty Stamping Paper

There are so many ways to colour, embellish, and use these stamps, that they will quickly become a favourite of yours.

Here is a video of the designer and owner of the company showing just one way to use them:

The stamps have a vintage theme, and Skribbles and Scraps has some great vintage themed papers that will frame these works of art beautifully.

Jennie has been busy creating some fabulous cards - check in later this week for one of her cards and directions on how to do it yourself!

Talk soon!

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