Thursday, September 8, 2011

Conquering the Bow!

Show of hands please - how many of you have struggled making bows! 

Me too!!!! I love bows, but sadly, mine look pathetic. Oh - I try really hard.... and I have a couple of bow making products....but you almost need an engineering degree to figure them out. 

I have scads (is that a word???)  of ribbon just wasting away in a drawer, because a crafter can't have too much ribbon if you know what I mean! And the new Christmas ribbon is coming out, but I really can't justify buying any more when I can't use what I have because I am, sadly, "bow-challenged."

So - this week when I was in the store I finally met the answer to my bow making challenges. Three little words - Bob's Bow Builder!

I don't know if you knew this, but Bob is quite a Renaissance man - a man of many accomplishments! Not only is he knowledgeable about tools and techniques in crafting, but he is a talented woodworker! He has come up with many storage solutions for crafters, and his workmanship is excellent, with great attention to detail. Here is just one example of his work.

So, imagine my delight when he showed me his latest creation - Bob's Bow Builder. He has taken a simple concept, and created a
tool to help make teeny tiny bows, to large bows - your choice. Once he showed me how easy it was - I walked out of the store with one of my own - excited that my ribbon stash was about to be put to good use.

Jennie has put together a tutorial for using it (she and Bob are such a great team!)

1. Hold tail in left hand. (Works best when ribbon rolls off the bottom of the spool)

2. Right hand holds ribbon off the spool. Ribbon should be behind posts to start. Pull ribbon from left to right across front of posts.

3. With left hand, wrap tail around right post at back and around over top ribbon in right hand.

5. Take the tail in the left hand as above. Bring UNDERNEATH through the two posts.

6. Take ribbon in right hand and bring OVER top post to meet with other tail.

7. Tie knot with tail and ribbon from spool.

8. Remove from post. 

So crafters - get on into the store and pick one up. Bob will show you how easy it is to use! You can also make double and triple bows which look fabulous.

By the way....think Christmas - and pick up a couple of extras for Christmas gifts. Your "bow challenged" friends will love you for it!

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