Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Copic colors!

It is so good to be back!  I've been down south for a bit - but it is good to be home sweet home.  Thanks to Riley and Chassie for holding down the blog for me. 

There's a lot of things to talk about - I will start with new COPIC colours - Yeah!!!! 

There is something very therapeutic about coloring - don't you agree? Here are 12 more reasons to color!   

G43 Pistachio 
G46 Mistletoe 
BG57 Jasper 
BG90 Gray Sky 
E84 Khaki 
E89 Pecan
BV34 Bluebell 
V22 Ash Lavender 
V28 Eggplant 
RV52 Cotton Candy 
R56 Currant 
YR27 Tuscan Orange

You can check out the colors below:

Skribbles and Scraps are taking  preorders for the set of 12, at the great price of $65 for the set. 

Let me save you pulling out the old calculator (does anyone really use a calculator anymore? - I use my cell phone!)  This great price for the set works out to $5.40 each. Gotta have them, and they are fabulous! 

In February 2012 these yummy colors will be available in the
Sketch Marker style, as well as Various Ink, (refills) bringing them to a total of 358 colors.

So - if that wasn't wonderful enough for one post - there are only two more sleeps until Bob and Jennie leave for CHA Winter 2012 in Anaheim California. 

I hear they are taking Cathy and Sherry again. That's a good thing - 'cause Cathy and Sherry are the ones that get all the good pictures of Bob and Jennie - you know - the evidence! 

I heard about the ones they snapped in Chicago where Jennie and Bob fell asleep - in the lobby of the hotel....and it wasn't even their hotel! Ask them about that! 

Winter CHA is much bigger than CHA Chicago is. That can only mean much more very neat stuff coming into the store in the next couple of months. I can't wait until they get back to get the scoop! 

Just so you know - the store will be open as usual while they are gone. Riley and Chassie and grandma are minding the fort. No crop night on Friday night though. That will give you a free night to make sure there is room in your craft room for all the fabulous new products you know you can't be without!

Don't forget to call and preorder your set of Copics. Reminds me - I need to call and order my set! 

And don't fret if you call and Bob's not there - Riley and Chassie will take your orders! 

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  1. Have a fabulous time - we will miss you in snow country.
    Mary Jo :-)