Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And the first word is Riley and Chassie's!

Well – Happy New Year everyone! Riley and Chassie here. Remember us - the cute ones? We told Sparkles to take a break – that we would handle the first post. Sorry it has taken so long….we ARE dogs you know, and it’s hard to type with your paws.

We overheard Bob and Jennie talking, and they have lots of very cool human stuff planned for 2012. Jennie will be doing some Technique classes – featuring Ranger Products (‘cause for some reason they seem to love this Tim guy - and he's not even a dog.)

Bob is sourcing out new and exciting things to bring into the store this year. He is kinda a hunter of sorts….and we love that he spends the day in the store on the hunt and feeds us “accidentally” by dropping things. He is just an all round cool dude in our books (ah…do we have books???)

We do have a bone to pick with Bob and Jennie though…..we heard they were going away again. This time they are going to California – to CHA Winter 2012 – and they are leaving us at home! Not fair! Give us a pair of sunglasses, and we can be really cool California dogs just like in the song….” I wish they all could be California …..dogs……..” You know - the Beach Boys song....

They have a habit of leaving us at important times. Remember when they went to CHA last summer in Chicago? They left us here to deal with the birth of their first grandchild. Again – it was a good thing we were here to deal with everything. Riley and Chassie to the rescue as usual!

Speaking of leaving us at important times – did you know they left us alone on New Year’s Eve? That’s one of the most important food dropping days of the year….and no one was around to drop anything!

They both got really dressed up, and told us they were going to Jordan and Gillian’s wedding. Bark! Bark! Another important food dropping event! What were they thinking leaving us at home?

We to this day don’t know if they really went to a wedding – we have never seen any pictures. We’re sure there were tons of young people with cell phones with cameras in them….and yet not one picture was taken! Humans! They were probably so busy dropping food on the floor all night, they didn't have time to take pictures! So – we’ll believe there was a wedding when we see the proof. We can tell you though -that Bob and Jennie look really good when you clean them up….we are the witnesses!

So – stay tuned for an even better year than 2011. Come in to the store and we will give you the scoop on what’s to come. We can be easily bought. All we ask is that you drop a little food……

Riley and Chassie


  1. Riley and Chassie look great!
    Hope to see everyone soon.
    Mary Anne

  2. Riley and Chassie I really don't know how you survive in that household.
    You are both so hard done by. I hope that you inherit the talent of your Mommy, Jennie, and then maybe you will be able to support yourselves in this big big world. Daddy Bob will also teach you some of his wood working skills to help you survive. Get out to work and support yourselves

  3. You 2 are very photogenic! I'll bring cookies real soon!
    Heather G