Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last word is Tim's

Well - as you have probably gathered, we are BIG Tim Holtz fans here at Skribbles and Scraps. Oh did I say BIG? - well I mean GI-NORMOUS fans! So - it's fitting that the last blog of the year is about Tim!

We could barely contain our excitement this week when we found out that Tim is putting the finishing touches on his new book "A Compendium of Curiosities Volume ll."  It will be released at CHA Winter 2012 at the end of January - and we can't wait to get our hands on it!


If you're not familiar with his first "A Compendium of Curiosities" - you're missing out on a technique packed resource that really allows your creative side to shine. Here's what the man himself had to say about his new book...

" just like the first volume, this one is the same format of not being a traditional "how to make" book, but more of a creative field guide.  so for those of you who wished that many of the ideas i share in my videos, blog tutorials, and tag techniques were all in one place - well, that's what these books are all about.  it's also filled with new ideas, tips, and techniques and i'm so excited to finally have it finished and can't wait to share it with you!"

The beauty of a book that is not project-based, is that every time you open it up it's a fresh resource, not a 'been there, done that' kind of book that we all have on our shelves collecting dust. Tim's techniques and tips will get your creative juices flowing in new and exciting ways! Look at it as an investment in the artist in you!

So - if you want to make 2012 your most creative year yet, and want to be inspired every time you turn the page,  give Skribbles and Scraps a call and pre-order Tim's new book "A Compendium of Curiosities Volume ll." If you don't have Tim's first volume, Bob and Cathy will be happy to order that as well. It'll be the next best thing to having Tim in your craft room!

Til next year...

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  1. Happy New Year to the three most creative people I know. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us this year.