Monday, December 12, 2011

Tim would be proud!

If you have been watching Tim Holtz's blog - you have seen the beautiful tags he has been creating for his 12 Tags of Christmas.  If you have not had time - brew a cup of tea or grab a glass of wine, put your feet up  and check them out! They are packed full of technique - his creativity seems endless!

One of the tools you will often see in his pics - is the Ranger "Heat It Craft Tool". 

This is no ordinary heat gun - it is so quick and quiet! It's great for use with embossing powders - because it doesn't blow the powder off your paper like those other guns. I know - because I have replaced my old gun with this new Ranger gun. It was a smart move! It is so much easier to hold and control where I want the heat.

Here's a little trivia about this heat gun. I understand that it was out of stock for the longest time, because the company that was originally making them could no longer supply them. Another company took on the challenge - but of course everything had to be retooled - so that took time. But the outcome was great - the Ranger Heat It Craft Tool is hotter and quieter than the original gun! 

The other good news is that Skribbles and Scraps now carry them!  And leave it to Jennie - she saw the heat gun and decided it was a blank canvas, waiting to become a piece of art! Check it out - 

I think Tim would be proud! How did she do it?  Ask her when you come in to pick up your new Ranger Heat It Craft Tool. You will need to pick up the new Ranger Alcohol inks as well in your favourite colours - and you too will be ready to create your own masterpiece - a one of a kind piece of art!

Jennie has been busy playing with Tim's Alcohol Inks and she has perfected some very cool techniques.  Trust me - you'll want the Alcohol inks in every colour. Add them to your Christmas list! Hurry in while the colour selection is at it's best!

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