Monday, December 19, 2011

Ladies - forward this to the man in your life!

Gentlemen  - first off - we want to thank you for all the support you have given to your wife over this past year in her papercrafting endeavors. Your patience when she disappears through the week to attend classes at Skribbles and Scraps, or the Friday Night Crop, is to be commended. 

You are truly wise men! You are smart enough to know that a night out playing with ink and paper is good therapy, and probably a reasonably priced one at that. 

The reality is, your wife is a lot like you. She too has "tools" that she gets excited about. Dies, punches, heat guns  (I know you have some of these in your shop!) are also words that pique the interest of the papercrafter in your house.  Though some of the names are the same, our tools just look a little bit different than your tools. And like you - she loves to get her hands dirty - but with inks! 

I know that men say that they can never have enough tools....well - we women say the same thing. So, even if all her papercrafting supplies and tools have taken over the house, or you can't move around in her craft room - trust me - she still needs more. 

So - do you want to know what will make your wife very happy on Christmas morning? The same thing that will make you happy - more tools! 

Imagine getting a gift certificate to your favourite tool store.  I know you probably already have a list of what you would buy. Well - she is no different! 

A gift certificate to Skribbles and Scraps presents endless possibilities! Maybe she will use it to buy the newest dies and punches that came into the store.  

Maybe she wants the Vagabond machine from Tim Holtz. You will appreciate this machine - it has a one horsepower motor! Talk about power! We use it with our dies. Ask her about it - it's probably on her wish list.  I know it's on mine! It's a great machine and would make an amazing gift!

Maybe she will want the new Cinch binding tool that Jennie just got in last week, or new storage solutions from Bob or more paper and bling! (I'm guessing you don't have any bling in your shop - your wife will explain what bling is!)

It's easy - just call Bob or Cathy at the store - 519-336-9730. Tell them the value of the gift certificate you would like to purchase - and they will have it ready for you when you come in to pick it up. They can keep it secret - your wife will never know!

So gentlemen - if you are reading this post - it means that the person who forwarded this to you would really love it if you gave them a gift certificate from Skribbles and Scraps for Christmas. It's a slam-dunk! 

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